How to Make Your Trip Memorable 

There have probably been vacations that you regret having or those you’ve completely forgotten about. If there weren’t some pictures, safely stored in some folder, you’d most likely never remember that you’ve visited the place. Needless to say, that’s exactly the opposite of what your trip should be like. 

Trips and vacations are actually meant to create memories you’ll cherish even long after you come back from the trip. If your vacation included other people, the benefits can be much greater. So, what is it that you could do to make your trip memorable? 



The fact that some destinations are the most popular among tourists from all over the world doesn’t necessarily mean they are your cup of tea. Instead, don’t listen to other people, but follow your heart and go to the place you’ve always wanted to visit, for whatever reason. You need to feel that excitement before, during and, hopefully, after the trip, when you know you’re making your dream come true. So, tailor your vacation to suit you. 

Do your homework 

  Most holidays are great because people have prepared well for them. That’s why you need to do a bit of research before you go and find out as much as possible about the place and culture you’re about to visit. The info about the local weather, popular places and similar details is priceless, since you won’t have to stress about it when you reach your destination. Also, that will make you more comfortable and relaxed about the place, which means you’ll be more likely to have fun. 

Plan, but don’t be too strict 

It’s very often that people feel their holiday has been ruined because they couldn’t see all the places or do every activity they had planned. In order to avoid such frustration, have an itinerary that is not too strenuous and that is flexible. Also, don’t be afraid to make some last-minute changes if an opportunity arises or you feel too tired. After all, the point is in feeling great, not ticking things off the list. 

Do something extraordinary 

If you really want to remember your trip, you need to have a unique experience. It could be anything, really, as long as it’s unusual and different from your daily routine. You might sample some exotic food, take part in an event that is typical of the destinations, get one of the best Japanese tattoos if you feel adventurous enough or simply visit a place that is memorable. In doing so, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Meet the locals 

One of the best ways to have a great time is to meet people from different cultures. Such experience can be life-changing, as you learn about how other people live, think and behave. It will also broaden your horizons and make you a better, more tolerant person. Try to enjoy local food, drinks and company while away from home to get the full experience. The more you immerse yourself, the more you’ll learn. 

Take photos or write


No matter how hard you try, you can’t rely on your memory to serve you forever. That’s why you should take photos or write down your impressions while on holiday, so that you can revisit them later. Writing may seem old-fashioned, but it is still unrivalled when it comes to capturing the exact feelings and emotions. Even if you don’t feel like writing, you could make voice recordings as you travel and perhaps make a transcript once you get home. 

Avoid peak time 

If you’re planning on visiting a popular tourist destination, try to avoid the peak-season, since the place will probably be swarming with tourists. That could make the whole trip quite unpleasant and you might stress about the crowds instead of enjoying your time. Also, you’ll probably be able to get better deals at hotels or pay less for plane tickets. 

Learn the basics of the language 

Many studies have confirmed that learning a foreign language is quite beneficial for our brains. That’s why you should try to learn the local language a bit. Being able to greet the locals in their own language is a great sign of respect and they are bound to treat you with more respect. Also, you might need to interact with people who don’t speak your language, so knowing a few words in their language can be a life-saver. 

Keep your mind open 

No great trip was ever made by someone who can’t keep their mind open. No matter how much you’ve heard about the place you’re visiting or people living there, the reality can easily be quite different. If you judge your experience based only on whether your expectations were met, you’re not allowing anything great to happen to you. Remember that expectations can only be exceeded and if you don’t allow for that to happen, you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. 

Memorable holidays depend on things that are both under and beyond our control, but if we do everything we can to turn them into fabulous experiences, we are increasing our chances of success. So, prepare well, but leave some room for being delighted. Keep an open mind and follow your heart and you might remember your holiday for the rest of your life. 

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