The Best Gifts for Kids Who Are Into Fashion

Fashion doesn’t have an age limit. Twentysomethings might be dominating the entire fashion industry, but models who aren’t even well into their teens yet have a place there as well. You may have a kid yourself who’s into fashion, and you want to give them a fashion-related gift they’ll like. Children can quickly pick up on the latest trends, so you should start anticipating those related to kids’ fashion trends by considering the following gift ideas that are best for your young fashionista:

   Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker

Your kid may already be friends with another kid their age — someone they met in the neighborhood or at school. As your kid starts learning the value of friendship, you’ll want to give them something that can help them appreciate the importance of having friends — while tapping into their fashion-based interests at the same time. A gift idea that can fulfill that is a friendship bracelet.
However, don’t just buy an already made bracelet and let your kid give it to their friend, because that’s not how friendship bracelets work. Instead, get your kid a Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker and let them braid a pair of colorful friendship bracelets — one for them and one for their friend. The Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker comes with five different string colors and a pattern guide for your kid to follow, though they could braid their own unique friendship bracelet pattern as well. This gift will spark your child’s creativity and get kick off their fashion-design experiences!

Vans Kids’ Shoes

Vans has long been a top sneaker choice for various generations of skateboarders. But it isn’t just the skating scene that Vans caters to these days as they’ve grown into one of the most popular footwear brands in the world. They now cater to various demographics, one of which is kids.
Regardless if your kid knows how to ride a skateboard or not, you’ll want to give them a pair of Vans kids’ shoes as a gift. This brand of kids’ shoes come in different designs — though you can also create a customized pair via Vans’ official website if you want to give your kid a one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers that would surely catch every other kid’s attention.

Koalabi Kids’ Sheepskin Boots

A pair of sneakers for your kid may be fine, but they can’t wear those come winter. You’ll want your kid to have appropriate footwear for those cold months, but you’ll also want them to stay fashionable — even as they walk outside during winter and build snowmen with other kids their age.
Sheepskin boots can help protect your kid’s feet from getting cold and, as with any footwear, they now come in kids’ sizes too. There are several manufacturers of sheepskin boots to choose from, though one you MUST HAVE A look into is Australian footwear manufacturer Koalabi. Their kids’ sheepskin boots come in various colors and designs. Worth considering as a present for your kid is Koalabi’s Hawk line of kids’ sheepskin boots. These have Velcro fastener straps to facilitate easy removal when it’s time to put them back in the closet.

Full Kids range


Makie Fleece Bonnet and Wool Gloves for Kids

Aside from their feet, you’ll also want your kid’s head and hands protected from the cold that winter season brings each year. Your kid can still look good — even during the cold months — with a fleece bonnet and a pair of wool gloves from women and children’s clothing brand Makie.
While the color options for Makie’s kids’ wool gloves are currently limited to only gray and cream, they compensate for the lack of different color options by providing different sizes for kids up to seven years old.
As for their kids’ fleece bonnets, Makie lets you choose between six colors, namely ivory, beige, heather navy, black, gray, and charcoal. However, the largest size for Makie’s fleece bonnets is only for kids aged five.

There aren’t any age boundaries to looking good. Anyone can become fashionable, even if they’re just a kid. Your kid may know more about fashion than you do — which can be challenging for you come gift-giving time. Of course, there are a lot more gifts for kids for you to choose from, but the above-listed best gift ideas for kids who are into fashion should help you decide more quickly about what to give to your kid whenever there’s an occasion to celebrate.