How to Take Care of Your Body During Winter



Winter months tend to take quite a toll on our body as well as our mind. Everything seems to slow down and gets a bit harder to do. So while we are giving our best to take care of our entire body during the spring and summer months, we sometimes feel that all the layering lets us get a bit lazy during winter. This is a big mistake, our body needs us the most in this period when there is a significant lack of sunlight, heightened cold wind exposure and an overall sense of gloominess.

So let's see what you can do to help your body feel and look better over the winter months. 

Start with the right diet

In order to keep your body in a good shape and provide it with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals it is essential that you adjust your nutritional regimen. Start by introducing a lot more soups into your daily meal plans, there are a lot of great winter soup recipes that you can choose from. And since the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables can at times be limited over the winter months, you’ll need to get innovative, which is not a bad thing. Make sure that the foods you introduce contain sufficient amounts of vitamins D, E and C as you are bound to have a slight deficit of them due to lack of sunlight and fresh fruit. In addition make sure you lower your carb intake, and replace your regular morning meal plan with a a protein-packed breakfast, that way you’ll be able to maintain high energy levels throughout your day.

Step up your fitness game


These might not be the words you want to here as we all tend to get a bit lazier over the winter months. You cannot let yourself fall into the winter laziness trap. Instead pick up the pace and work harder on your fitness goals, you don’t start getting a beach body at the end of spring. Of course you’ll have to include some essentials, start with a quality pair of active pants so that you look good while exercising. Next, make sure you stay hydrated during your fitness sessions, and finally don’t forget to plan out your weekly workout as you are bound to get tempted to skip a few sessions and we definitely wouldn’t want that to happen.


Don’t forget to pamper your skin

Cold winds, lack of sunlight and all those layers won’t do your skin any good. This is why it is essential that you pay extra attention to your skincare regimen over the cold winter months. First make it a priority to exfoliate with skin masks to get those dry dead skin cells off and let you complection shine. Secondly, improve on your moisturiser choice, with the cold winter winds doing their best to dry out your skin it will need all the hydration it can get. Pay special attention to your lips and hands, as they tend to get exposed the most, so a quality lip balm and hand cream are a must in your fancy winter bag.


Finally work on your mood


If you get depressed by the winter weather your body is bound to feel it, so it is crucial that you find ways to keep yourself happy and content over the course of winter months. Start by doing an emotional and spiritual  clean up, get rid of all the bad habits, focus on bettering yourself and work on your maintaining a healthy social life even when you don’t feel like leaving your home.


You are now ready to face the winter head on, no more  staying at home feeling depressed about the weather. That excuse won’t work, get your body and mind into shape and you are bound to look and feel good.