Not all fashion trends are easy to pull off, but on the other hand if we don’t at least try to keep up with the latest we are at risk of having our style look ‘outdated’. Of course it is of vital importance to try to incorporate fractions of each trend into our own personal style instead of just buying and wearing whatever is on a manikin in the store window.


Now in order to truly understand the art of wearing trendy clothes here are a couple of pointers.

Incorporate at least one trending piece into the outfit

That one piece that will draw people's attention is key to staying trendy. You could go for a pair of stylish Koalabi boots that will go great with your casual-chic look. There are those brands that people will recognise anywhere due to their unique patterns or design style. So if you just wear the latest Chanel jacket on your shoulders that will be a trendy fashion statement all by itself. But remember do not make your outfit crowded, let that one piece shine, otherwise you risk looking like a walking fashion disaster.

Layer it up


This season is all about the layers, and knowing how to pull of this trend. The secret is that the more layers you have you are not at risk of betting on just one piece to make or break your outfit. You still need that one piece from the previous paragraph to look trendy, but by layering you won’t have a problem if the piece you choose is not right for your outfit. Just have fun with it and don’t stress, an extra layer here and there will make you just that much more fashionable.

Fashion for all season

When we talk about trendy clothing thinking ahead is a must, so yes the summer is almost over, but you should already start thinking of getting the latest bikini trends for the following season. Don’t wait for the last minute, there are a lot more options available right know, and you will have more time to build up your wardrobe around the those few trending pieces you get early on. The same goes for all the seasons, if you want to keep up with the latest trends you need to be one step ahead of the current season.

Learn how to transform looks


Accessories are your friends use them wisely. With the right combo of accessories you can make one outfit into three different looks. It’s all about mixing and matching things the right way. For example, every woman has a LBD in her closet somewhere, we'll get it out and start adding. You could do a more of a posh style with a silk scarf and a great pair of pumps, or opt for a more businessy look by adding a jacket and small diamond earrings. Finally, there is always the choice of the everyday casual look where you can pair your LBD with a denim jacket, a pair of All Stars and a great city bag, in this case a colourful beaded necklaces is just what you need.

Don’t forget your bag

If all else fails a great bag can always save the day. Make sure your bag collection is up to date, especially when it comes to design and colour. This is will definitely make your style a lot more interesting from season to season. Now that the fall is right around the corner a stunning tote bag is just what your wardrobe needs. Combine it with a great pair of boots and you are ready to go. You can always add a bit more flair to your bags by wrapping a scarf or adding some new trinkets to your zipper. These little things will help you claim a style as your own.


There you have it, you have now been officially introduced to the art of wearing trendy clothes, use your knowledge wisely.