5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin


Whatever time of the year we choose to take care of our skin, we cannot make a mistake. Actually, this is a job that has to be done all the time. It is our responsibility to work on ourselves and do what is needed to feel as good as we can. If we have unhealthy skin, we are not going to feel that splendid. During winter, it gets dry, itchy, and irritated the most. That is why you can read what to do in order to improve the quality of it and avoid these three characteristics.

Humidifier is a must

Do not vacillate to invest in a device for keeping the atmosphere in a room moist. You can add it to your house or where you work, the important thing is that you have it at least somewhere. By adding moisture to that dry winter air, you will manage to keep your skin hydrated enough. It should go in those rooms and places where you spend most of your time.

Lower the thermostat


In order to avoid dryness, you will have to lower the thermostat. The first thing we do when it is cold outside is crank up the heat. Yet, this may not be that beneficial to your skin. What the central heating system does is make the air in the house drier, so you can set your thermostat in a way to feel comfortable. It should be cool.

Limit shower time and temperature

When it is super cold, we tend to spend more time having a shower or bath, using a lot of hot water. Yet, you should know that this is not that great for your skin. Tepid water is a much better solution. Also, do not have long showers, but rather spend 5 to 10 minutes under water. Whenever your skin turns red, it is a sign that the water is hotter than it should be. Removing germs is also effective with water that is more lukewarm, and it is better for the skin as well.

Choose makeup wisely


Many women buy cheap makeup, which doesn’t mean it has to be of poor quality. However, this usually is the case. Investing more in your face makeup is necessary if you want your skin not to suffer. Another thing you can do is put less of it on your face. Beauty comes from the inside, and a more natural look is always appreciated.

Use a lot of sunscreen

Using sunscreen is not only reserved for those scorching days. You will benefit a lot if you use it even during winter. We still get to deal with sun rays even when we are talking about this time of the year. If your skin is sensitive, this is something you should definitely do. Darker and dreary days in winter are also harmful without the appropriate tube of sunblock.

Non-irritating clothing

Many fabrics we use when the weather is cold aggravate the condition of our skin. Polyester and rough clothing should not touch your skin directly. Instead of it, soft, breathable materials should be the ones touching it. When you are buying gloves, be sure to choose the material that will not irritate your skin.

If you want your skin as healthy as possible during winter, pay attention to these several things – you will need a humidifier, the right temperature of the thermostat and water during showers, makeup of good quality and sunscreen as well as clothes that are not irritating. When all these things are covered, you are good to go.