Winter Fashion Style Guide

style guide 

Absolutely blessed! Yes, that’s right! If you live in Australia, you know what we are talking about! This country is not only perfect for a sun-kissed tan all year round but for enjoying winter time, too, without having to sweat under jumpers and other heavy winter clothes. Unlike the rest of the planet (well, its biggest part at least), the temperature in Australia drops to about 10 degrees during winter time, still making it wonderful for everyone who loves the warmth of the sun on their skin and the easiness of fashion style that goes with it.

Speaking of style, we love that in Australia you never have to make compromises when it comes to your initial fashion impulses for the sake of current weather conditions. You can dress up or dress down and you can practically wear the same clothes throughout all four seasons as long as you style them up wisely with the right women’s accessories. Not sure which ones to choose and how to pair them up? Read the following and learn what should be your winter go-to items for a wonderful winter in Australia.

Knitted jumper dress

The easiest way to pull off a diva-look during colder days in Australia is to throw on a cozy jumper dress or turn any of your stylish women's jumpers into a short dress, while showing a little leg, too. If it happens that the temperature goes below 10 degrees (which it rarely does), pair your knitted jumper dress with a pair of tights or your favorite winter coat on top. And the bonus? The style looks amazing with most shoes!

Also, if you are more into showing off your figure, opt for heavy, color-block bodycon knit dresses. If they are really tight, they’ll keep things in shape and you’ll look like wearing a second skin. Hot!

Leather jacket


You already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to stay on top of the lessons: no chic style can go without a leather jacket, especially if you want to add a touch of edge and coolness to your outfit. Whether you are pairing your jacket with tight jeans and a casual tee for a casual lunch date or with a light maxi dress for your evening show-off, a leather jacket will immediately transform your winter outfit and add a fab vibe! For an added edge, pair the jacket with women's classic sheepskin boots and make the jaws drop.

Ankle boots


A perennial wardrobe staple, ankle boots are perfect for any season in Australia, especially winter. Ever so versatile and stylish, these shoes simply never get old. Pair them with tights or a dress to finish off any look.

Skinny jeans


You know that amazing pair of women's fashion sheepskin boots you’ve got hidden in your closet? It’s time you took them out and paired them up with your super tight jeans! Skinny jeans are one of the best items to have in winter as their streamlined silhouette allows layering for warmth. For a day out, wear your skinny jeans with flat heel booties, a statement shirt and a leather jacket. Change into a silk drape top and heels when you decide to hit the town. You simply can’t go wrong with these pants.

Stripes in all forms

Stripes, stripes, stripes! Australia or not, stripes are the biggest hit this season and you should take advantage of this fabulous trend as much as possible! Vertical, diagonal, horizontal or all three mixed and layered in contrasting ways, stripes are all the rage! As for color, if you want to stay “appropriate” for winter, go with darker tones – navy, maroon, black, white and gray. If you believe yourself to be bold enough, mix and match stripe on stripe with properly cut separates. If you want to keep things on the safe side – let just one of your fashion pieces carry the fab of your little outfit.