Essentials to Pack for a Smarter Weekend Getaway

Are you planning on slipping out of the office a little bit earlier on Friday and having a fun little weekend getaway? That’s a great idea that will allow you to get a much-needed breather from work and give you an opportunity to recharge your batteries and come back home ready to be your best self. But, if you’re one of those people who just don’t have a natural talent for packing, don’t worry. Here are a few essentials that will help you pack for your weekend trip.

Smaller luggage

Leave your big suitcase at home and grab a small weekender bag instead. This will ensure you don’t overpack, waste too much time packing and money on checked luggage (these qualify as carryon). And for a weekend trip, you don’t even need anything with wheels!

Practical bags

For evening dinner and drinks, you’ll definitely need something practical and stylish for your phone and lipstick. Choose a fun clutch or a small shoulder bag that will put some interest into your everyday outfit. A slightly bigger purse, on the other hand, is perfect for city exploration because it can fit essentials like your sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and even a little scarf for those ever-changing temperatures.

A classic black tee

This is a must. A plain, black and simple t-shirt is essential for any trip and any weather condition. Plus, thanks to its simplicity, it can be paired with anything and end up a part of different outfits. From walks around town to dinners at a fancy restaurant, you can bring your black tee and have a blast.


Comfy jeans

Another essential item of every trip, a good pair of jeans will be your BFF during your weekend getaway. No matter what you choose, your dark skinnies or your boyfriend jeans, your jeans will pair with everything and anything. If you’re planning an evening outing, go with darker skinny jeans, while you can easily pick loose-fitting boyfriend jeans for your walks or long car, train or plane rides.

A little dress

No matter if you’re hitting the beach, planning a light afternoon walk or booking tickets for a play and having dinner afterwards, your light dress will come in handy. There are various well-equipped dress stores filled with fun, summer dresses that will brighten up your look and give you that fresh and fun vibe perfect for any weekend vacation.

Walking shoes

Do you like to be active on your vacations? If yes, then grab some comfortable and durable walking shoes that will allow you to explore your destination and even step off the beaten road. These are usually very comfortable, so you can expect to go back home without any painful blisters!



 A raincoat 

No matter how much you plan, weather can be a jerk and rain on your parade. So, make sure to come prepared with a light raincoat that will allow you to enjoy your weekend no matter the weather.


A swimsuit

Just like with a raincoat, make sure to pack a swimsuit just in case. Even if you’re not planning on taking a dip, swimsuits are tiny and can fit into every bag. And once you get to your hotel and see that spa and the pool, you might change your mind!


Sun protection

No matter if the weather is bleak, you still need ample sun protection. Bring some shades and a good sunscreen that will keep you safe from sun damage and allow you to enjoy your vacation without any disturbances.

A camera

While every phone has a camera today, they are also full of temptations that will push you to check emails or social media. So, instead of grabbing your phone every time you want to snap a photo, bring a real camera that will not only provide minimal distractions but also make much better photos.

A book

No matter if you love to enjoy it while chilling at the beach or while traveling, a good book will allow you to relax and let your mind wander to some other dimensions. But, make sure to leave Proust at home! A short weekend getaway is better when enjoyed with light reading material.

These essentials will ensure you can travel light yet be prepared for anything that might happen on your weekend getaway. And when you come back home, you’ll feel like a new person!