Fashion and Beauty Trends for 2020

No matter if fashion and beauty are the most important things in the world for you or if you just want to be in the know when it comes to trends, here’s what you need to keep your eye on. Straight from the runways to your closet and makeup kit, here are the most important fashion and beauty trends for 2020.

Pleat front pants

This is a fashion statement that’s going through a revival. Thanks to Isabel Marant and her high-rise, paper bag-waist trousers, this trend attracts even the most modern fashionistas who are not exactly into the 80s looks. Giants like Armani and Colovos are also following suit, but their take on the shape is a little more relaxed. These pants are not the easiest thing in the world to pull off, but it’s pretty hard to resist trying!

Safari suits

It’s been around 50 years since YSL brought the safari suit to Paris giving every Parisian woman a way to show off her manly side with a touch of wanderlust. Well, this look is finally back—just look at lux brocades at Prada and leather as smooth as butter at Tory Burch. These safari suits also have a lot of pockets, so you’ll be able to ditch your big bags and pair your look with something cute and practical like a small shoulder bag. This combo will feed our bold suit and mini-bag obsession for 2020!


You might think that corsetry is done with, especially in this time of female empowerment and MeToo movements, but it’s alive and well and kicking behinds on the runways. Thanks to architectural revivals from Louis Vuitton, you can expect to see a lot of cinching, lacing and boning. Yes, corsets and bustiers are sexy and don’t let anyone stop you from showing off your femininity with pride!

Pastel hair

If you love soft and kaleidoscopic colors, you’re not the only one. In London, Liam Hodges showcased some vibrant hair and JordanLuca followed the trend. In Paris, Celine went will very subtle hints of color in the hair while Vetement went very neon-punk. People who love to experiment with hairstyles and colors, 2020 will be your year. Go with pastels and you’ll attract just the right amount of attention to look elegant yet bold.

Fresh face

If you’re not huge on makeup and would rather show off your perfectly clear skin than hide imperfections with makeup, this is your time. Fresh and perfectly-cared-for skin is making a comeback, especially in places like Europe and Australia. Relaxing facial massages and treatments will give you that baby-fresh glow and next-to-nothing makeup will ensure you look natural yet perfect. Cosmetic surgery is also not a taboo anymore, so if you feel like you’re in need of some dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and facial threads, professionals from Cosmetic Surgery Australia will welcome you with both hands and get you back home looking better than ever.  Most new clinics pay special attention to patient care, so your stay with be like a vacation or a visit to the spa—who doesn’t like that!

Wet hair


This major beauty trend can be seen across all continents and across all major fashion metropolises. Gelled, wet-look hair appeared in Oliver Spencer’s show in London where models wore their hair slicked back. On the other hand, Patti Uomo at MSGM was inspired by wet-bang look while in Milan, Versace went with an extreme wet side part. Everywhere you looked to the runway, you could see sleek, elegant and chic wet-hair looks. However, pulling this off isn’t easy. But, if you’re bold enough to try it out, you’ll certainly turn some heads and feel like a runway royalty.

Avant-garde color splashes

For extremely bold night looks, you can embrace the upcoming apocalypse and go a little creepy and a little extreme with splashes of paint all over your eyes. This look is very otherworldly and intimidating, but oh so beautiful. When everything is on fire and you just can’t be bothered, why not bring a little color to the mix? The paint is either very rubbery and colorful or metallic and space-like. Choose whichever look matches your aesthetics more and you’ll be the star of every party and rule every nightclub.

Tempted to give these a try? Good! You’ll not only look current, but also attract many looks with your impeccable look wherever you go.