Christmas Gift Guide:  Top Picks for  2016


Fighting crowds at shopping centers (even just to get a park)  isn’t exactly our idea of celebrating the  holiday seasons.

So to help save you time and the headache you’re bound to get, we are sharing our top picks this year.

We have even thrown in a little Christmas discount for you. Simply use the code xmas2016 to receive 10% off .


1.Gertrude. Available  in  chestnut, & Black. Price $179

2.Harasha. Available in chestnut, & Black.  Price $189
4.Moto Available  in  chestnut, Black, Goulden & chocolate. Price $213
5.Marion. Available  in  Black & Goulden. Price $139

6.Pauline. Available  in  Jester red, Khaki and Leopard. Price $139

7.Chelby. Available  in  Black & Khaki. Price $179

8.Josephine. Available  in  Mink, Black & Chestnut. Price $189
9.Gibson . Available  in  Black & Tan Price $229

10.Desert. Available  in  Black & Goulden. Price $175