5 Must-Follow Summer Fashion Tips for Men

It might be autumn in one half of the hemisphere, but that only means that summer is starting in the other one. So, if you live in Australia, now it’s your turn to spend your days sunbathing and swimming. This being said, it is not only important to look your best at the beach, but while you are walking in the city as well. This year should be very fruitful in terms of male fashion, so why not be the one who will make that happen? If you do not know what to wear this summer, what accessories matter and how to rock everything in the streets, take a look at this guide as we will try to narrow it down to 5 most important and most popular summer fashion tips for men:


1. Layering is cool

One of the most popular fashion trends nowadays is layering, and this is not a trend that you will rock only in autumn or winter. This might be a great way to make your summers much more interesting, and can be especially helpful if you live somewhere where it could be windy and hot at the same time. So, in order to layer your clothes in the best possible way, you need to construct your outfit properly. First of all, make sure that you choose colors that are complementary, or go with the grayscale instead – this way you cannot go wrong. Also, make sure that you follow the first two rules of layering – lining up your layers and mixing textures. Wearing the same texture two times, one on top of the other will not do you much good fashion-wise.


2. Everything matters


Summer is the season during which you wear the least. This is why every single part of your attire should be chosen very carefully. Starting from your tees to your bottoms, every part should be high-quality and match with the other one nicely. Also, do not forget to invest a bit into your underwear as you can show it off during any season (wink wink). Joking aside, this is the right time to wear high-quality underwear as you always need to be fresh during summer. However, since this is something that we very often forget, you can always buy men’s underwear online and thus save time and make sure that you have a new pair. If you want to wear socks this summer (and it might be fashionable with sports shoes), you want to get a new pair – torn and faded socks never did good to anyone.


3. The navy pattern

The navy pattern has been popular since… well, probably the first sailors. No, the story of the navy (striped) pattern is interesting, but the important thing is that you should make it one of your top patterns this summer. Not only is this pattern amazing for the summer and quite light, but also everyone looks much sexier and more handsome while wearing a navy t-shirt or shirt. If you want to be even bolder, you can opt for a Captain hat – it’s playful, sexy and very interesting. Keep in mind that navy only matches well with white or beige, so do not try to experiment with this one.


4. Florals for spring? More like summer


This might be one of the most quoted sentences ever, but florals are not very groundbreaking for spring. For summer, however, well, it’s a completely different story. Wearing not only florals, but leaf patterns as well is very popular right now. If you happen to find yourself a piece of clothing that features Monstera or banana leaves, make sure you buy it as it will be huge this summer. After all, it’s perfectly natural – we all breathe much more freely during summer, and thus we symbolically go with plant prints and patterns. Pairing these with minimalistic and monochromatic tees or bottoms (depending on the piece of clothing you have in floral pattern) you will make your look much more interesting.


5. What about shoes?

Finally, let’s talk shoes. Even though it might not seem that way, the choice of footwear can be detrimental to the overall look of your outfit, so you really should invest in it. What is the best option for male footwear in summer? If you want to come off as stylish and you will be rocking shirts and blazers, then you might want to go with suede loafers. Of course, you need to have a pair of white sneakers as these literally match well with everything. You can also go with some sporty ones such as some Reeboks, or you can go with the classic Adidas Superstars that are extremely versatile. Canvas shoes are also amazing for summer. Boat shoes and espadrilles are also amazing, but you need to wear them with confidence and match them well with the rest of the outfit unless you want to look ridiculous.


So, there you have – the 5 rules on how to dress nicely this summer. As you can see, it is not very difficult, but you need to think about your outfit combination. So, make it through the spring