How to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Trip

Surprise trips are the best thing in the world! This is the only time a person can just sit down and truly enjoy the ride as their travel partner takes them to mysterious destinations and through exciting adventures. So, if you have a person you know would love a surprise trip, here’s how to organize one without them suspecting a thing.


Start early


The smaller the destination and the busier the time of the year, the earlier you need to start your planning. A trip to a small island in peak season will require planning months in advance since accommodation is scarce and restaurants are all booked. So, start booking everything early and you’ll be sure to find a place for your trip.

Find good accomplices

If you want your trip to be a 100% surprise, you’ll need some good accomplices (their boss, their secretary or anyone who can offer input into your travel partner’s schedule). They need to know the dates you have in mind and alter their schedule and workload. You can also find a reliable family member or a good friend of theirs to ask more questions about your travel partner’s travel preferences. But, make sure to keep the final destination a secret—people love to talk and someone will definitely slip up and tell!

Make sure to book the right activities

It’s so easy to get carried away by the freedom of not having to listen to anyone’s input while planning your trip, but make sure to keep in mind the interests of the person you want to surprise. Let’s say you’re traveling to Australia. If you know your trip partner likes to chill out and enjoy the downtime portion of the travel adventures, book something easy-going. It’s always a great idea to grab Sydney New Years Eve 2019 tickets and surprise them with a relaxing yet gorgeous evening. This event is both chill and exciting—a perfect combo. On the other hand, if you know they love adrenaline, a climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be more suitable.

Use separate accounts

Booking travel arrangements will leave a trace on your accounts, so make sure to use a credit card your trip partner knows nothing about. You don’t want them seeing charges—it will ruin the surprise! If you travel with your partner or family member and you have joint credit cards, consider paying in cash or using relative’s card. There’s a chance the person you’re surprising can see your main email inbox? Create a secret account and move all your incriminating mail there! Don’t give the travel agencies your home phone number but stick to mobile phones. They often tend to call about any changes concerting the flight and could ruin the surprise.

Throw in a few red herrings

Let’s say you’re traveling to Iceland for your surprise trip. Ask your travel partner to pack, but try to throw a few curve balls that will keep the destination a surprise. For instance, ask them to pack a parka, a comfy boots, a swimsuit, a hat, hiking boots, a sun hat and their passport. If you’re from the States, say they won’t need an adapter—this will throw them off! Pack one secretly and when they hit the flight for Iceland, they will be blown away. Or if you’re traveling with your spouse, say they don’t need a passport and sneak it in your bag anyway! This way, your destination will be a surprise up to the last moment.

Tanks to the internet, we can easily find out everything we want about our destination before we even step into the plane, so a surprise trip will offer new excitements about travel and rekindle that passion. Plus, you can expect to collect many points with the person you’re taking on the surprise trip!