TrueFashionista: Spring Wardrobe Essentials

It’s that time of the year again, time to start planning your spring wardrobe. This one can be tricky if you don’t do it right. Spring can surprise you with both cold and warm weather, and if you are a true fashionista, you will be prepared for everything it can throw at you. We have a list of five spring wardrobe essentials that will get you through any weather and make you look fashionable at the same time. Read on to find out what they are and start planning your next shopping spree – we all know that’s the most fun thing about the changing seasons!

Trench coat

A trench coat is a real staple piece and every true fashionista needs it in her wardrobe. It is a great outerwear piece as it is lightweight but waterproof. It is perfect for spring when the weather is getting warmer but you still have to be ready for some chills and even rain. There are many different trench coat styles that will suit any wardrobe. You can opt for a highly structured piece or a more casual fit, but no matter what cut you get, a trench coat always adds a bit of class to an outfit.

Ankle boots


Boots have been going through a bit of a renaissance period these past few years and we’re all for it. Every season is boot season, you just have to find those perfect fashion boots that will make a statement and work with the rest of your wardrobe. Ankle boots are an essential part of every well thought out spring wardrobe. This shopping season, pick up a pair. They are stylish, warm, and suitable for a variety of different occasions, like casual outings or going to work. You can wear something simple and style it up with just the addition of a good pair of ankle boots.

Black heels

Another pair of shoes you need in your wardrobe asap! Spring is pretty great for getting dressed because the weather is mostly mild with some surprises. You can wear just about anything you like as long as you pair it with some appropriate outerwear, shoes, and accessories. Black heels are a perfect pair of shoes for those warmer spring days when you want to look your best. You can pair them with simple jeans, workwear, or an elegant dress and they will look just as amazing. Since they are so versatile and you’ll wear them a lot, you have to think about comfort when you’re buying them. You need something durable, preferably made of leather, and with a heel you can walk in the whole day.



Now that you have all you need for getting warm, it’s time to get ready for warmer days. Kaftans are a great piece of clothing. They are lightweight and stylish, they’ll make you look instantly put together and they are a great transitional piece from spring to summer. With simple sandals and a nice hat, they are perfect for a summer holiday. If you are planning your next holiday and need some resort wear, you must take a glance at the collections for the upcoming season, they’re full of amazing kaftans.

Spring accessories

Okay, so we got to the point of accessorizing – the most important part of getting dressed. The wrong accessory will ruin an outfit, but no pressure. For spring, you need accessories that are stylish but also functional. Something that will make you look good and keep you warm when it gets chilly. Stylish accessories can include a silk scarf that you can throw over a trench coat and a pair of stylish gloves to keep your hands warm and your outfit elegant. When it comes to jewelry, a nice pair of earrings is a great choice as they are visible even when you are bundled up.