How to Achieve The Perfect Spring Look


Ok ladies now let’s get in(formation). Spring is just around the corner, and the first rays of sunshine and spikes in temperature simply must be welcomed in style. Don’t let spring catch you unprepared.

The winter weather has taken a toll on essentially everything, from hair and skin to your personal style.Let’s face it, no matter how diligent you are in protecting all aspects of your look, winter gets the best of us, so it’s time to ditch the dead cells from our skin, revamp our hairstyle and rejuvenate those strands, get out of the multiple layers and feel the weight quite literally being lifted off our shoulders. This is a full-on guide to a perfect spring look, so let’s dive in as there is plenty of ground to cover.

Starting from the top

The word ‘top’ in this case is quite literal as the first thing that yearns some love and tending to is your hair.
The low temps and overall harsh weather have probably left you with dry hair and more split ends than you care for, so the first thing to do is pay a visit to your trusty hairstylist. Contrary to popular belief, there is no conditioner or mask that can repair split ends, so a few inches definitely have to go. While you’re in the chair, perhaps it’s time to revamp your look on top of rejuvenation, so why not try one of the trendiest hairstyles of 2018?

The lob is still going strong, although pixie cuts are also having a moment, so consult your stylist as to which hairstyle would best compliment your face shape, which is the easiest to style at home and take the plunge. As for the hair color, don’t go too hard with bleaching – remember, spring is the time to take rejuvenation steps. You can go up to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color without damaging your hair, and if you’re really craving change, a few highlights will give you exactly what you want. Up your haircare game with the best conditioners, hair masks and shampoos so your fresh new hair does stay healthy much longer.

Shake things up


It’s common knowledge that the change of seasons calls for changes in your skincare arsenal, so make sure you also up your game in this department.

First in line is exfoliation – choose gentle yet powerful exfoliators that will remove those dead cells and reveal the glow that hides underneath is key, but don’t go overboard, as anything more than three times a week can be counterproductive for the skin. Switching to lighter formulas, especially when it comes to such products as moisturizers and serums, is a definite must. Keep your skin type and concerns in mind when shopping for new products, and if you have any pigmentation issues, make sure you snag the best products that will lighten dark spots on skin and bring your precious protector some balance, evenness and the overall glow. Don’t forget to layer your products in the right order as this is one of the crucial keys to success. With the right products and the right application order, you will have returned the former glory to your dull and wintertime sadness damaged skin.

Sheer it up, bring on the glow

When it comes to makeup, less is more this season. With the emphasis being on skincare regimens that leave you with radiant skin that has nothing to hide, you will be free to sheer things up in the foundation department.

Cosmetic companies have been bending over backwards to bring you that lit from within look by creating those ‘barely there’ foundations that looks and feels like your skin but better. Aside from the sheerness, the emphasis is also on the glow. Find a highlighter palette that suits your skin and it will give you that ethereal glow. Aside from that, don’t bother with much else than a mascara and a flattering lip gloss, as spring is the perfect time to show off your natural beauty and just emphasize your features subtly.

Trend it up


Of course, revamping would not be complete without a few new additions to your wardrobe and accessory department.

The battle for the color of the season has been tough, so you can take your pick between the pastel trend, which has taken over everything from power suits to sheer dresses, and if pastels aren’t your cup of tea there is always the second contender – prime saturated colors. If you’re a statement dresser these popping shades will be right up your alley, so make sure you snag everything from high-slit slip dresses that you can wear over a simple fitted tee – ‘90s style.

A power suit is not only trendy but perfect for the shifty spring weather, and you definitely need a few good basics such as a new white shirt that you can layer under a classic trench or a leather jacket for chillier days. Stock up on basic tees that you can add dimension to with a colorful neck scarf and a pair of killer sunglasses. Something in the gingham pattern, like a mermaid skirt is a definite must, along with an oversized checkered blazer and at least something in stripes.

As for bottoms, culottes and dark wash jeans still reign supreme, along with the athleisure staples – sneakers, sweatpants and high-rise leggings. However, for those who don’t want to complete every outfit with a pair of sneakers, a pair of mid-heel ankle boots is always here to save both your feet and your style, and when you want to remain snug and stylish while having brunch and running errands, a pair of grey (read: luxurious-looking) cozy boots is just what the style doctor ordered.

As for the bag of the season, woven is perfect for summoning summer, and for more formal days like those at the office, the see-through bag is all the rage, and of course, with the logomania being back in full swing, a designer handbag has become an absolute must.

Now that you’re all caught up, you’re ready to get out of hibernation and revamp your whole style just in time.