Spring Dinner Party Ideas


Having a dinner party is a great way to celebrate the passage of winter and the arrival of the best season. Spring is the time when nature comes alive again and it’s the best time to have a dinner party. There’s plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to give you inspiration for creating an original menu and everyone wants to spend time in the company of good friends again. To host the best dinner party this spring season, take a look at some tips we have for you.

Try something new

Dinner parties are all about the food! If you want to impress your guest you’re going to have to think of something they won’t expect. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with dinner party menus. Try to think about your guests and what kind of food they like, if they have any allergies or specific diets. When you have all of that information, you can start planning. Try to include a lot of fresh seasonal vegetables in your meal, not only will it look amazing but it will also taste amazing as well. There are a lot of great seasonal recipes online that you can surprise your guests with.


Serve a cocktail


One easy way to make the dinner party into a special occasion is to go that extra mile. Take a look at some cocktail ideas and choose the one you like best to be the official cocktail of your dinner party. Prepare a batch of cocktails to be served to your guests when they arrive. They will be a great appetizer and add to the unique feel of the dinner party. Your guest will surely appreciate the special attention you put into organizing the party; the cocktails will help them relax and they will get the conversation going.


Don’t skip the coffee

Whenever I watch an old TV show or a movie and they show a dinner party, the best part of it is when everyone retires to the living room for a cup of coffee and the fun really starts. This is something that is often overlooked, as everyone focuses on the actual dinner, but if you’re having a dinner party you mustn’t skip it. Once you finished your meal and moved to the living room, people will feel more relaxed and you will have the best conversations. So, use this dinner party to prepare a nice set of coffee mugs and yet another surprise for your guests. Something from the wide array of beautiful Ashdene mugs is perfect for such an occasion.


Have a bar cart on hand


You never know where the night might end up. Once you’ve moved the party to the living room and everyone is feeling relaxed and comfortable, you might end up reaching for the next glass and continuing the party until morning. That is why you should stock the bar cart with all the essential beverages and of course, you must have all the ingredients you need to prepare the dinner party cocktail if needed. Dinner parties are about the food, but really they are just a reason to get together with our friends, and when they see the bar cart they will be more likely to stay a little longer.


The final touch

You planned out the itinerary, you have the food and the drinks ready, but there is something missing. You need a playlist. The mood setter for every party is the music you listen to. Make a few playlists and prepare them for the special night. You need something calm to be the background during the dinner, something a bit more fun for the coffee, and finally, you need something to dance to as the night progresses. Try to make playlists of songs your friends and you liked listening to when you were younger and going out, it will remind you of the old times and it will get you in the mood for dancing.