5 Best Outdoor Aussie Spring Activities 


Spring is the best time of the year to be outside and breathe in all that fresh air that’s surrounding you, and this is especially true if you’re in a place as amazing as Australia. This country offers a wide range of options for spending your free time, and you can try out everything you think of, regardless of your budget and the amount of free time you have. If you’re still unsure how to spend quality time in Australia this spring, here are five outdoor ideas that might get you thinking.



This is the most Australian thing you could do, not just because people here love being outside, but because of something else – Australia is covered in bush, and you simply have to make the most of it! This terrain might not seem like the best solution when choosing your walking pathway, yet it’s surprisingly welcoming and intriguing. Spending time in the open is great for your mental and physical health, and it’s particularly helpful to get outside with your kids and teach them a thing or two about nature around them. Also, don’t forget to wear comfy footwear while you’re out there!


Going on a road trip


If you wish to drive around the vast Aussie bush, you don’t have to drop this idea altogether – just take a car instead! Whether you go on a road-trip with your buddies, your loved one or your entire family, getting out of the house for a while is always a brilliant idea. However, be sure to bring all the necessities and check your car before you go: talk to a reliable mobile mechanic in Sydney and make sure your vehicle is ready for a long road trip without breaking down. Also, pack enough food and drinks, and come up with a few fun road trip activities – or just play Zitch Dog instead!


Driving a buggy

This is another idea for all those courageous people out there, no matter how old they are and how much experience driving buggies they have. Renting these remarkable vehicles and going into the wilderness is a wonderful way to spend some time in the open, learn something new about your country and try out a new and adventurous activity. Again, Australia is great for these types of activities, and you’ll have the time of your life wherever you decide to go. You could also invite a couple of friends with you as well, or, alternatively, go with your family and show your kids how cool their parents really are.




This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but people generally dislike kayaking just because they haven’t tried it yet – as soon as they do, they’ll fall in love with it immediately! Australia is full of beautiful rivers where you can take your kayak, as well as thousands of miles of ocean shore that’s just perfect for this activity, and springtime is ideal for spending that much time in the open. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, but be careful and try not to fall into the water unless you want to catch a cold straight away. If spending time in a kayak frightens you, try it with a professional first, of ask your friends with more experience to give you a couple of pointers beforehand.

 Outdoor cinema

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, but an even bigger fan of your own backyard, this is an idea you just have to try. Turning your backyard into an impromptu outdoor cinema isn’t hard at all, but don’t forget to get a powerful projector, a huge screen and enough seating options for every member of your family and a couple of friends who might pop by. Of course, give everyone a few snacks and pick a movie they’re all going to love – from the classic Hollywood flicks to the latest Australian blockbusters, everything is much better when you’re watching it in the open!

There are lots of reasons why you need to spend more time in the open, and these activities will inspire you to do so more than ever. So, all you need is to pick the ideas you love the most, find ways to incorporate them in your busy schedule, and enjoy them all spring long!