Spring Road Trip Tips


The winter has come and gone and it is time to take advantage of the great spring time weather. And what better way to do so than with a road trip. Australia has the best spring time road trip destinations, from the Great Ocean Road in Victoria to the Nullarbor Plain starting from the South and heading towards Western Australia, and of course it would be a shame to miss the famous Sydney to Melbourne route. You just need to get yourself and your car ready for the adventure.

When you choose your ideal destination and decide on the perfect route, there are just a few more things to consider before embarking on your spring road trip.

Give your car a spring makeover

Every winter, even a mild Australian one, can be harsh on your beloved vehicle, so come springtime you need to pamper it a bit. Start by getting it serviced, have your mechanic give it a once-over before you start your trip. It is important to check ]fluid levels, everything from oil to windshield wiper fluid. Make sure your brakes are in top condition, and finally replace your tyres if necessary. Make sure to check your spare tyre as well, it needs to be fully inflated and ready to go. Finally, don’t forget to consult a trusted mobile mechanic in case your car needs a checkup before going on the road. That way you can travel safely, knowing that your car is ready for the adventure!

Get packing




Packing for a spring road trip tends to be a bit tricky since there is a significant temperature flux and nights can get quite cold. So don’t let the sunny day fool you, pack up a warm jacket and a pair of classic boots just to make sure you don’t get cold. As for the food portion of packing, here you will definitely need the usual, snacks and drinks. When it comes to snacks the less salty the better, that way you won’t drink too much water and make too many bathroom breaks. So a nice trail mix with dried fruit and unsalted nuts or some granola bars to keep your stomach busy on the road. As for the drinks, make sure you get a cooler with ice and to keep water within easy access, it can be quite dangerous to dive for that bottle while driving.

The itinerary

So your car is ready to go, you are fully packed, now all that is left is consolidating the itinerary and solving all the possible glitches. First thing’s first, always have a backup plan when it comes to accommodation. Sometimes we can misjudge our driving ability and might need to take more breaks. So getting familiar with the possible accommodation options along the road is a must. That way you will always know where is the next great resting point. Next is checking online for the road works along your route and adjusting the road trip accordingly, the last thing you want spoiling your drive is a traffic jam, or the possibility of getting lost on one of the side roads. Finally, check the weather conditions, even if you have planned everything perfectly spring time weather can be tricky, so make sure you have a contingency plan if it starts raining cats and dogs.


So there you are, easy to follow and effective tips for your ideal spring time Australian road trip. Whichever route or destination you might choose, you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed by what Australia has to offer. So get on that road and start your adventure!