Walk and Eat Like a Local in Prague


Prague is a great destination for travellers interested in history, culture, and art, as well as for foodies and beer lovers. With prices as friendly as the locals, the capital of the Czech Republic welcomes people from all over the world, promising them unforgettable tourist attractions, but also many surprising hidden gems.

If you want to get away from the crowds during your special escape, continue reading this article and find out how to walk and eat like a local in Prague. Just make sure that you have the most comfortable footwear for this adventure.


Walking Like a Local in Prague


Exploring the Old Town Square, admiring the Astronomical Clock, and crossing the Charming Charles Bridge are some of the must-do things while visiting Prague. To feel the real vibe of the city, however, all travellers should explore it as the locals do.

If you are an incurable romantic, you can begin your Czech adventure with a visit to Vyšehrad, a historic fort that promises not only a trip to the past but also some of the best views of the city. Get closer to the vibrating spirit of Prague while walking along its ancient walls, admiring the views of the city and Vltava River.

Another relaxing and romantic spot, where only a few tourists can be spotted, is Riegrovy Sady, a beautiful park that will conquer your heart and amaze your eyes. Join the locals on the steep hill, and enjoy a picnic or a few beers while looking at the beautiful castle of Prague. Keep in mind that the best moment to come here is at sunset.

Art enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with the capital of the Czech Republic because there is something to admire everywhere. John Lennon’s Wall of Peace is, however, a very special place, and nobody should leave the city without taking at least one photo in front of the colourful graffiti. The most interesting part is that the wall is always changing because everyone is free to add their own message of peace and love.

And if you want to see Prague in a special way, consider taking a cruise on the river. This romantic way of sightseeing is not only delightful but also comfy, especially when you travel with your loved one. You will have a chance to see important attractions such as the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge without bumping into agitated tourists.

For a lovely summer evening, head towards Naplavka, a bustling promenade with live music where you’ll have a chance to enjoy a walk on the riverside, sip a delicious local beer and listen to live music together with the friendly people of Prague. If you are young and restless, and you want to party with the locals, Zizkov, the cool students' district, is the place to be. Located completely out of the touristic centre, this area is not only filled with street art, bars, and cafes, but its old architecture mixed with cool vibes makes it a unique area. And the prices are excellent, compared to the touristy places.



Eat Like a Local in Prague

If you want to taste the most delicious dishes at great prices while visiting Prague, you have to avoid all tourist areas. The city is filled with great restaurants and eateries that target the locals, and Lokal U Bile Kuzelky is just one of them. Though it is located very close to Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, it is not filled with visitors or overpriced. It has a pub-like appearance, and gives people a cosy feeling, while the traditional Czech cuisine makes everybody’s tasting buds run wild. In addition to indulging in the delicious food, make sure you also enjoy a pint or two of homemade beer. The Czech Republic is the home of Pilsner and the country with the highest beer consumption per capita, so a few sips are mandatory even if you are not a beer enthusiast.

But to really discover the tastes of the locals, you must try the street food. The best area to do this in Prague is Wenceslas Square. Expect local vendors, hungry foodies, and an incredible smell of decadent cheese and mouth-watering sausages that bring everybody to the area. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, you must go to Choco Café, a family-run chocolate factory and cafe where you can choose from 50 flavours of European-style chocolate. Prepare yourself for a thick and delicious experience. Yummy!

These are some of the places you should visit to experience Prague like a local. My favourite thing to do was the romantic cruise I enjoyed with my special someone, and the best thing I ate was six-weeks-ripened fried cheese with our tartare sauce I ate at Lokal U Bile Kuzelky. I am, however, a romantic person, and I really love cheese, but there is something for everybody on this list. So, check out these places and enjoy Prague, away from the crowds!