How to Make Your Personal Style More
Interesting in 2018




Whether you are an avid fashionista or just dabbling with fashion here and there, your personal style is what presents you to the world. Long before people hear you speak they see your outfit and draw certain conclusions about you. Yes, it is shallow, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Now in order to help you give your personal style a leg up in the upcoming 2018 here are some great tips. You will still be you but with an interesting twist.

Choose your wardrobe essentials wisely

This is probably the most important aspect of any good wardrobe. Knowing which essentials to choose and when. You should have a set of items for each season, they will serve as staples for your outfits. For example, a trench coat is essential for spring,  depending on your overall style you could go for a structured piece or a more causal one. The same goes for a thick woollen scarf in the winter months. Now in order to make your personal style more interesting, try to introduce some strong colours among your essential pieces. You could go for a multi coloured statement bag, or a pair of neon flats, both of which are bound to add flair to your look.

Learn to play the bag game



Your bag could be your best style elevator. Any look could be changed up and made more interesting by the right choice of bags. For example a great tote bag is just what your casual style needs, you can mix up the fabric selection and go for a leather one with a bit of sheepskin details for the winter months. In spring a great green bag is just the thing to celebrate nature waking up. Summer time is just perfect for a stylish and colourful mesh bag, while autumn demands a hard brown leather bag. Finally, add a unique twist to your bags by wrapping a printed scarf around the handles or by adding some stickers and accessories to make it your own.

Add a dash of mystery to your style

There are several little things you could do to add a mystery note to your style in 2018. For example, a pair of striking sunglasses is a great option. They will protect your eyes, make you look glamorous and that much more interesting and mysterious. Another great option is to let just the slip of your dress peep under your coat when going to a formal event. This is both very romantic and stylish, the perfect dose of mysterious. Of course a wide brimmed hat is always there to help you pull off the old Hollywood look. Don't be afraid to experiment with modern style options, choosing a show stopping item like a sensual gothic corset might just be what you wardrobe needs to up your style game and to tickle the onlooker's imagination. These little style tricks add a dash of mystery and are great for changing up your everyday look.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes



Yup, a pair of shoes could make or break you whole style game. In case you are looking to make your style more interesting but at the same time you want that change to be subtle, changing up your shoe game is just the thing. Add some fun pieces to your collection, and start mixing and matching them with your outfits. A pair of leather boots is just what you need to make your autumn outfit stand out. On the other hand, visually striking red pumps are just what your dull business outfit needs. These little style changes are what is going to make your style that much more fun and interesting in 2018.


So there you have it, you now possess the knowledge to elevate your style to new and interesting heights, all that is left to do is apply it, and own it, make every piece your own. Finally, the only thing that matters is that you feel great in whatever you choose, a great attitude wins every time.