How to Make a Long Trip Seem Like Minutes

If you’re already dreading your upcoming long trip, don’t worry. There are many things you can do in order to pass your time, you just have to pack appropriately. So, here are a few ideas that will make your long hours trip seem like minutes.

Bring a pen and paper

If you only have a plain notebook and a pen you can keep yourself busy with all sorts of games like tic-tac-toe, hangman and others. You just need to find someone willing to play with you and you have hours of fun in front of you. If you travel alone, you can use the time to doodle or try drawing the wonderful sites you pass. Or, if you’re more into writing than drawing, try keeping a travel journal. It’s a great way to document your adventures and note all the fun and memorable things that happened during your trip. And if you’re good with words, you might even get the chance to publish your journal!

Have a picnic


If you pack some food and drinks, you can have a fun picnic on the road. For some reason, food always tastes better when traveling, so make sure to use that opportunity to grab a tasty bite. If you’re traveling with some close friends, you can even have a little travel party (without disturbing other people, of course).


Take photos

Every true traveler always brings their camera and so should you. During your trip, you’ll get plenty of chances to snap some unique photos. Catching a perfect photo op takes effort and planning, so you’ll surely kill some time trying to snap a perfect photo.

Listen to some good music

Music always makes time fly, so make sure to pack some good headphones with you and enjoy your fave tunes. For the ultimate music and comfort experience, make sure to grab a quality set of headphones. Models like professional Focal Utopia headphones offer a great dual experience that combines headphones and speakers and produces an ultimate music-listening experience that will blow away even the most seasoned tech experts.  Just out plenty of tunes on your phone or iPod and watch as hours pass!

Make new friends

If you notice any friendly fellow passengers, why not strike a conversation and potentially make a new friend? A good chat can really make the hours fly and help you get through your long trip. Everyone has interesting stories to tell and some form of wisdom to teach you, so don’t hesitate to be a good listener as well as a speaker.

Catch up on sleep

Let the gentle swaying and bouncing of your car, a bus or plane lull you to sleep. Catching up on sleep is the quickest way to kill time: sometimes you can even fall asleep in your country and wake up at your destination! But, if you just can’t get comfy or worry about your luggage getting stolen, it’s enough just to close your eyes, get comfy and spend your time contemplating your trip, being mindful and daydreaming about the wonderful things you saw and are going to see.

Window gaze

It’s such a pleasure to enjoy different scenery fly past you. If you pay attention, you can see everything from picturesque towns, unique natural wonders and interesting individuals. Window gazing is also a good way to experience your destination’s culture. As you watch the world pass you by, soon you’ll find yourself at your destination. No matter most people prefer a window seat while traveling!

While often long trips leave you completely stiff, if you only have something fun and relaxing to do, you won’t even notice many long hours passed. So, keep these tips in mind and no journey will be too long for you to handle!