We at Koalabi Australia love to support and work with members of our community. This means that we have the opportunity to meet an amazing mix of people and learn about there adventures.

This year we have been lucky enough to meet Hannah & Grant who are taking on lighthouse keeping duties on  Maatsuyker Island for the next six months. Starting in March 2019.

After hearing about what they are going to be doing we decide that we would love to stay up to date with there adventure and share it with the rest of our community.  Over the next few months, Hannah and Grant will be sharing their adventure with us.

In a world where Lighthouses are automated, having the opportunity to experience life in seclusion and isolation walking in the footsteps of previous lighthouse keepers is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hannah & Grant's journey will start with them being dropped by helicopter on the island with all the supplies that they will need for the next few months.  This includes the seeds to grow their own fruit and vegetables 

A typical day will be spent taking weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology, observing and documenting the local wildlife, mowing the lawn and assisting with the general upkeep of the cottage to ensure the heritage of the island is maintained. 

get to know the locals

Of course, we are sure that they will get to see some magical sights and create some special memories that will stay with them for life. 

Australia’s southernmost “drive-in” theatre! incredible aurora Australis

Relaxing at Australia’s southernmost “drive-in” theatre!  with Koalabi Classic                Enjoying the incredible aurora Australis

We are very excited to share this journey. Keep an eye out for updates, images and more on their stay on Maatsuyker Island.