Healthy Girl is a Happy Girl


The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.

-       Audrey Hepburn

 In order for us to truly be happy it is important that we take care of both our physical and mental health. If you were able to go through winter looking and feeling great, the upcoming Australian summer should be the perfect time to work on your health and happiness. Because, let’s be realistic, it's hard to be sad when you are surrounded with sun, ocean and sand.

 Now, let’s see how we can help you be the happiest version of yourself.

Never stop making plans

Planning is what motivates us to keep going. You can just make some plans for tomorrow or for the next three years, it is important to have some idea where you are going and what your goals are. In addition turning our plans into reality is something that can make us truly happy. However, it is important to know that you plan might not get realized, but that shouldn’t get you down. Just make the best of the situation, rearrange you other plans and keep going forward. Contemplation on past failures won’t do you any good.

Activate your body



Staying active is important if you want to stay healthy. Regular physical activity helps prevent numerous diseases, from the type 2 diabetes to heart problems. In addition, it is an excellent mood lifter. When you get that blood pumping, your energy levels soar and the increased oxygen intake does wonders for your brain. And if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll look great afterwards, and your self-confidence level will be through the charts. So if you want to be truly healthy and happy, including physical activity in your daily schedule is a must.

Get that romance going

There’s no greater feeling than being in love. No girl should deprive herself from that emotion. Loving and being loved has a huge positive effect on our mental health, and through it our physical. So if you can’t find love in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to try a long distance relationship, you might find it quite rewarding. Explore your options, don’t settle until you really feel those butterflies in the stomach and go weak in the knees, you deserve nothing less.

Get rid of some bad habits


Over the years most of us accumulate some bad habits that could have a harmful effect on both our mental and physical health. Now in order to get our life back on track to happiness it is important to reexamine these habits and, if possible, cut them out of our daily lives. We tend to think that replacement of bad habits with healthy ones as deprivation, instead it should be viewed as both a reward and an investment into a healthier and happier future. Just don’t forget to be persistent when it comes to changing your habits, you need to find  the inner strength and motivation not to back down, since that is the only way you will succeed. Be consistent and you can be certain that all the hard work you put in will pay off – providing you with the self-improvement you’ve been longing for!


So there you have it a healthy body and a healthy mind make a girl happy. Now in order to stay happy you need to take care of yourself, not give into negative temptations and most importantly you need to love yourself. These thing are the key to living a long, healthy and happy life. Do go on, start enjoying yourself - you deserve it!