How to Maintain a Healthy Diet While You're on Vacation


While most people consider indulging in food during the holidays is acceptable, there is such a thing as overindulging. Additionally, being on vacation is not a valid excuse to neglect your healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Particularly if you're a frequent traveler, reckless diet on the road can cost you both your health and your good looks. Unless you want to come back home feeling bloated and unhealthy, take a look at the ultimate on-the-road diet guide we shared below.

1. Moderation is the key

Hotel buffets are super-difficult to resist, so we understand if you feel like indulging in food a little more than you usually allow yourself. After all, vacations are meant to be enjoyed. However, the key is in moderation. There is no harm in visiting the best restaurants in town and trying local cuisine, as well as having a slice of pizza with a pint of beer, as long as you keep the portions under control. If you're having trouble determining what is enough and what is too much, stick to a 3-bite rule – take time to savor each bite and have enough willpower to say no to a fourth one. 

2. Stock up on healthy and supplements

Vacations usually include long hours spent on a plane, bus or train. As traveling gets long and boring, our tummies crave more and more food. Unless we're well prepared, we're stuck with junk food from drive-ins or processed, high-calorie plane meals. In order to avoid being tempted by unhealthy options, travelers should prepare in advance and pack some nutritious snacks, such as nuts or dried fruits. Moreover, you should keep in mind the fact that you won't have much time during your vacation to take care of your vitamins and minerals intake – bringing a couple of protein bars, vitamin pills and amino energy supplements is highly recommended.

3. Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is the most common mistake all vacationers make. It is somehow impossible to squeeze regular meals in such a tight schedule – sightseeing, taking photos and having drinks seem to be much more important when you're on vacation. Well, we love to break this to you – it is possible and preferable if you wish to preserve your figure and your health at the end of the trip. Moreover, sticking to regular mealtimes is important for your metabolism and your energy you very much need in order to make the best of your vacation. The ideal eating schedule is up to 5 evenly spaced meals, but since you can rarely dedicate this amount of time to eating during vacations, make sure you stick to at least three meals a day. 

4. Have a breakfast of champions

In addition to the previously discussed importance of regular meals, it's worth noting that a nutritious and big breakfast is a priority. Even when your internal clock is out of balance during your time abroad, never skip breakfast or, even worse, replace it with a cup of coffee.

5. Stay hydrated

Our body loses a lot of water on a daily basis, and even more when we're physically active or exposed to the sun – which we tend to be during our vacations. When your body is dehydrated, your energy level significantly decreases, making it difficult for you to enjoy your trip. Moreover, dehydration has negative effects on your skin health and your gut. This is why you need to constantly replenish your body – eight to ten glasses of water a day is a precondition for a healthy and strong body. Since vacations can be hectic and too exciting to keep noting your daily water intake, make sure you always have a reusable water bottle in your bag – you'll save money, remain hydrated and spare the environment of unnecessary plastic bottles.


Vacations are often as tiring as they are fun. Sleep deprivation, jet lag and being in a constant hurry can have a negative influence on your immune system, let alone your back-to-reality functioning. In order not to add malnutrition to the already long enough list of traveling side effect, take note of the tips we shared above and try to stay on a healthy track even during your vacay!