Perfect Birthday Gifts for Him


A gift is a gift is a gift… well, no it’s not. Not for a man who knows who he is, what he likes and what style suits him best. While video games, Star Wars figurines and tech stuff do work for most men, there are others who are a bit more refined than that. This post is about those guys and the type of gifts to get them.

So, without much further ado, here we go:

Buy him those shoes

You don’t really have to be Carrie Bradshaw (or a woman) to enjoy a pair of high quality shoes on your feet. After all, the right pair will not only help you stay (and sit) through all those meetings comfortably but it’ll add up to your charm, handsomeness and fashion style. Fashionable shoes are a staple of every guy’s wardrobe and you’ll be doing your guy a favor if you surprise him with a pair he’s been eyeing for a while. It’s costly, but it’s worth it!

Give him comfort

Just as fashionable shoes are an ace in his wardrobe, so are cozy slippers! Obviously, he wouldn’t be wearing these around the office or to dinner dates and business meetings, but he’d definitely enjoy having his tired feet rest in a comfy pair of wool slippers once he’s done with his hectic day. Don’t think it’s underrated to buy him something as simple as this – believe us, he’ll love you for it. If, however, you think this wouldn’t be enough, pair the slippers with a quality robe or a pair of pajamas.

Help him sparkle

A fashion-conscious man knows his style and there’s very little that can go unnoticed by him. Assuming you’ve been friends/partners for a while, you must have picked up his style essentials by now, right? To a male fashionista, treating him to a refined piece of jewelry or accessory is pretty amazing. Pick accessories to match his overall fashion taste and see his face light up! A fine wool ear muffs a gloves are a great option, for instance. Do make sure, though, not to buy him something he already has, okay?

Treat him to a shirt

Most fashionable men love wearing suits, especially if they’re tailored – and they’re right to do so! There’s something about a man in a suit that’s giving us those naughty, hot chills down the spine and it feels like we’ll never be able to shake off that feeling. Ah… Anyways, if your guy is one of the suit-lovers, buying him a quality shirt is a pretty smart move as he’ll be able to mix and match it easily with the rest of his outfits. In a range of off-the-rack shirts that aren’t that high in quality, be different and opt for custom made shirts that are not only intended to flatter one’s figure to a tie but they’ll also last for years. Let’s bet he’ll love it!

Support his professionalism

A guy in a suit is hot. A guy in a suit with a laptop is everything… especially when he’s casually sipping coffee in that little Brazilian coffee shop, nonchalantly adjusting his glasses and staring at his laptop screen with commitment.

Assuming your guy is one of those foxes, buying him a quality laptop bag he’ll be able to rely on for everyday use or business travels is pretty great. Although a simple black is a usual color for laptop bags, there is a range of other options you can consider. From patent leather to embroideries and brown options, there’s pretty much something for everyone, so make sure you pick a style your guy will love. 

Peter is a fashion writer at Bonafide Supernova and Ivania's Mode magazine, living between UK and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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