Turning Your Garden Into a Destination In its Own Right


Getting away for a few weeks in the summer is one thing, but what if you could create a garden that was so beautiful it made up for the other 50 weeks of the year? It would be something stunning to come home to, wouldn’t it?

Well, to give you plenty of food for thought, we’ve put together a handful of different ways you can turn your garden into a place you’d always rather be at. Take a look for yourself, and then get to work creating a stunning outdoor space.

Make That Lawn Nice and Green

A lush green lawn isn’t just nice to look at out of the kitchen window. It’s a great way to get the whole family outside enjoying the fruits of your labour.

If you want to be able to turn your shabby, patchy lawn into a carpet of greenery, you’re going to need to work at it. Regular reseeding and watering are the key ways to get the job done.

For the best results, you’re going to want to rake in extra seeds in the cooler months of early spring, and water twice a day. You will find varieties of grass that grows under the scorching sun, but the results tend to be rather mixed. Considering that you’re trying to combat a patchy lawn, why not get seeding as soon as you’re done reading for the day?

Make sure you wear appropriate footwear for the job as well, and feel comfortable at the same time.

Build Some Incredible Decking 

Sitting outside always seems like a great idea, and then you realise that you don’t necessarily want to be traipsing across the lawn. Decking is the answer, and it’s easier to install than you might think. If you want to be able to enjoy your handiwork in all weathers, then some professionally installed decking is the best way to get a great view of the rest of the garden.

Choose a shape and style that fits in with the rest of the garden, and think about how to make a feature of it. You don’t want to make it seem like an afterthought, so add plenty of potted plants, a hand rail, and perhaps some wicker furniture. That way, it will prove to be an enticing seating area your guests make a beeline for as soon as they come through your door.

Keep Your Pathways Interesting

Every garden needs a path, so why not make a feature of it? You don’t just have to have one that goes along the side. You can have stepping stones that branch off to your various seating areas and potting sheds. And you can even have a path that just meanders through the garden purely for show. It’s all about putting together the little touches that will make your outdoor space feel homely and lived in. Once you do that, it’ll more than make up for not being on vacation right now.

Add Bark and Pea Gravel to Your Flowerbeds 

Ask any green-fingered gardener what annoys them most, and they’ll tell you that weeding is something they’d happily never do again. If you want to keep your flowerbeds looking pristine, you’re going to need to invest in some weed prevention.

Spraying is one option, but it’s not always the best idea for the local environment. What you can do instead is lay down a suitable barrier fabric or liner, and then backfill it with either dried bark shavings, or a colourful pea gravel. The great thing about this is that not only will it stop weeds from sprouting up, it will create uniformity across your garden so it really feels like you’ve left your mark on it.

Seating is a Must, But Make Sure You Vary it

Sitting on your decking will be great, but you also want to have a few other options out there to add a little bit of character. Take the time to grow a flower arch, and then place a bench underneath it, so that you can add something a little bit special to the garden. A lot of people also like to have a small table and chairs right by the door on the patio so they can pop out to enjoy their coffee whilst the sun comes up.

Having the right pair of boots on will allow you to sit out even if the weather is not quite perfect, so don’t think that you will not be able to use your outside seating are all year round.

Add Bulbs That Blossom at Different Times

Last but not least, there’s the plants to think of. Planting bulbs is a great way of having your garden ebb and flow throughout the seasons without having to continually repot annuals from the garden centre. By all means, buy some marigolds and pansies, but also invest plenty of effort in scattering bulbs far and wide. There’s nothing better than seeing dozens of daffodils suddenly shoot up to mark the start of spring. Take the time to get the balance right, and your garden will constantly be pulling you to stay at home and make the most of it.