Fashion File: Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss


If you think that you’re a fierce and powerful girl who really means business when it comes to fashion – welcome to the club, you’re certainly at the right place! No matter how stylish and trendy you are, there’s always room for improvement, so stay with us and keep on reading if you’re interested in that. Here are four amazing clothing tips no woman should ever miss, so check them out and nail your future outfits like a true fashionista!

Wear one statement piece at a time

Yes, we know that you’re thrilled to wear your favourite massive necklace, a trendy metal brooch, and a cosy printed scarf, but you know what? You should definitely wear one statement piece at a time, as stacking up all of them can end up quite catastrophically – even though layering will never go out of style. However, that isn’t the case with garments or accessories that tell a story of their own, so be careful when it comes to these. Of course, this is particularly true for accessories – especially if you tend to over-accessorise, so listen to our advice, tone down your outfits, and slay your fashion game in the blink of an eye.




Master your accessorising game like a true fashionista

 Speaking of accessorising, you’ve probably figured out that less is definitely more – especially when it comes to your everyday casual outfits. Trust us when we say that wearing a delicate necklace with a tiny pendant is sometimes far more effective than opting for a colourful one with a lot of vibrant pom poms, so be smart and simplify your combos. On the other hand, cold winter months require a whole new set of accessories, such as a pair of warm sheepskin gloves and a timeless leather tote which will keep you warm yet really stylish at the same time. Just keep it simple and you won’t make a mistake – that’s a promise!





Stay as comfy as possible – even in a short, tight dress

Even though those tight, curve-hugging dresses are the epitome of femininity, the fact is that a lot of ladies are simply too scared to wear these. The majority of them claim that they don’t feel comfortable in such dresses, which is particularly true for shorter ones. However, there are also ladies who experience thigh chafing (aka ‘chub rub’), which is quite common when there is no fabric to fight off friction or unwanted rubbing.  If this is the case with you, too, remember that creams and powders won’t do much for you since they usually rub off every 15-20 minutes. Instead of that, be sure to check out No More Chafe thigh guards that won’t slide down, so that you can stay safe and stunning in your short figure-flattering dress no matter what!






When in doubt, wear black

We’re sure that you already have at least one little black dress in your closet, which is what leads us to the next point: when in doubt, wear black! It shouldn’t surprise you at all, especially when you know that it was Coco Chanel who made this piece so chic and timeless. We won’t lie if we say that such a dress will never go out of style, so be sure to always have it at your disposal. Of course, it doesn’t go for the LBD only, as any other black garment will do the trick no matter the occasion.

Such items will look stunning in both casual and glamorous combos, which is exactly why black is a true staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. A tailored black blazer is an absolute must, as well as a pair of high-waist trousers and a classy black cardigan. As for your footwear, make sure to buy both flats and a pair of sky-high heels in black and you won’t have to worry about putting together any outfit.


As you can see, there indeed are a lot of fantastic clothing tips every fashionable woman should always bear in mind, and these four are certainly the most important of them. So, if you want to step up your fashion game and be the ultimate style queen, just make sure to stick to our guidelines and you’ll undoubtedly make that happen!

 By Mianna