Ways to Enjoy Australia to the Fullest


From the beautiful rugged coastlines to the endless Outback and a favorable climate all year round, Australia can’t help but lure travelers from all around the world with its stunning natural wonders and unlimited fun activities that can be enjoyed both on land and at sea. If you want to enjoy Australia to the fullest and experience everything it has to offer, here are the best Aussie travel tips you shouldn’t miss:

1. Bushwalking

One of the most popular outdoor spring activities, bushwalking is the term Aussies use when they talk about hiking. There are so many jaw-dropping trails and breathtaking sceneries in Australia that are worth the visit, that it’s hard to pick only a few. If you just want to take a nice, long walk by the beach, the best option may be a trail that goes from Manly to the North Head. However, if you are looking for something more challenging, a great idea would be to find a guide that will take you deep into the woods of the Blue Mountains. For those in search of the ultimate bushwalking experience, the magical Whitehaven Island and its rainforest that grows on the sand are a sight not to be missed.

2. Going on a road trip


If you want to get the ultimate Australian experience, the best idea might be to visit a good car rental agency, such as Avis car hire, rent a powerful SUV and go on an amazing road trip through some of Australia’s incredible national parks. Western Australia is considered to have some of the best road trip tours, and if you’re in for a little adventure, the Knox and Hancock Gorges should be an unavoidable part of your trip. They are only accessible by hiring a professional guide and you will have to do some swimming and abseiling, but once you’ve reached your destination you will realize just how worth it the adventure really was.

3. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

If you want to have a truly 5-star vacation in Australia, hire a helicopter and take a ride to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The areal perspective is unparalleled, and you can only truly appreciate the magnificence of this place after flying over it. But the best part is, the Green Island offers a unique under the sea experience – sea walking. With old school diving dome helmets that offer a 270 degree perspective you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of tropical fish and the wonderful marine life that surrounds you.

4. Swimming with dolphins


Swimming with dolphins is a truly special, life-changing experience that should be an unavoidable part of any trip to Australia. Watching them jump into the waves from the wake of the boat is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. Listening to dolphins communicate with each other using sonar-like noises and watching them swim around with such grace, ease and enjoyment is truly a sight to behold.

5. Beach chilling and surfing

In the end, it seems like the most popular activity all over the world, as well as Australia, is simply spending time on the beach. Thousands of beaches in Australia are packed with people who come here to soak up the sun and feel the ocean breeze – they don’t feel the need to do anything in particular, they simply want to relax and unwind. But the other big part of Australia’s beach populous just loves surfing. Aussies are famous for their surfers all over the world, and almost everyone here has tried it at least once in their lifetime. If you are a newbie, seek guidance from a qualified professional, get yourself a board and a positive attitude, and hit those waves!

Shimmering with opportunity and sunny skies, Australia perfectly balances a laid-back, outdoorsy vibe with the excitement of incredible adventures, and it truly offers a once in a lifetime travel experience.