Hello Fall: Do's & Don'ts of Transitioning Your Wardrobe


It is time to make that ever slightly bitter change from summer to fall, especially since we know winter is nearby. Of course our fashion needs a change as well, so let's put away the kaftans and cropped shorts and give our wardrobe a much needed fall update.

 Just be careful, there are some fashion mishaps you'll want to avoid when transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the next.

 Definitely up your shoe game

Flip flops and sandals should remain in the summer season, your fall shoe edition needs to be a bit more sophisticated and not to mention warmer. So start by getting a pair of eye-catching ankle boots for those colder days, they will also keep your feet warm well into winter months. You can combine them with a stylish leather jacket or a fall coat. And remember opting for light brown leather is ideal to match those gorgeous fall colours.


The big don’t when it comes to getting your shoe style ready for fall is definitely taking summer shoes and combining them with socks and stockings. You don’t want to be seen is strappy sandals and stockings in the middle of May.

Learn to mix summer and fall outfits

Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean you should immediately take all your summer clothes out of rotation. There are some pieces that can be quite stylish if combined well with a few fall items. For example, you could buy some stunning designer dresses online that you might want for a wedding or a formal event this fall, and by pairing them with the right kind of jacket, suitable for the ever changing weather, you would get the perfect match when it comes to seasonal combos.

 The one thing you don’t want to do is just add tights or stockings. This is a big no. You might have seen women wearing flowy summer dresses on top of heavy tights or shimmery stockings, it just seems out of place, and for a true fashionista something like that is unthinkable.

It is time to warm up

Yes, weather is getting a bit chillier so don’t be afraid to add some sweaters and a blazer or two in your fashion mix. Both of these items are great for layering and that is exactly what you need when transitioning from one season into the next. Layers are great both for keeping warm and for making great fashion statements. You can still cling to the summer vibes by opting for bright colour combinations. Don't forget to add a pair of gloves into your bag just in case it gets a bit too chilly, they can be a great accessory and keep you warm at the same time. Finally, the ultimate warmer, a great pair of tights, just remember the previous paragraf, not with a flowy summer dress. Tights can keep your legs warm while allowing you other outfit items to shine, they are very forgiving and can be used in numerous fashion combos, perfect for the fall.



The one thing you don’t want to do is overdress for the season. Let’s be honest, this is Australia, you don’t need a fur coat in the middle of the fall, or even a big woolly hat. Winter is coming, don’t worry, there will be time to flash those new warm items you have purchased, but until then, layer up and enjoy the sun rays while you can.


You are now ready for the fall season, with the right outfit combos and style advice this might be your best fall yet. Just keep in mind, you can bring some parts of summer with you, but don’t overdo it.