How to be The Cutest Girl This Winter



If you ever wondered which country is perfect for pulling off the cute girl look, especially in winter, the answer is Australia. Your beautiful sun-soaked complexion and that broad white smile will give you a great foundation to build upon. And don’t forget about that friendly attitude and fun-loving personality.


All you need now are a few tips accompanied by the perfect accessories to accentuate your natural cuteness and you are good to go.

Let’s start with your attitude

Cuteness comes from your sweet and gentle nature. A nice coy smile accompanied by a soft voice is a perfect way to be considered likable and approachable. A little blush on your cheek will convey shyness which is perfect for pulling off the cute look. Don’t forget to match your posture to your attitude, switching weight from one leg to the other and playing with your hair are the ideal cute gestures. Finally, it is important to take time to listen to others, be friendly and most of all be genuine, people will smitten away if you act naturally and simply let your gentle personality show. 



Now it's time for that glow


Great skin and a beautiful smile can only take your cuteness so far. You need to maintain the youthfulness, so visiting a skin care clinic from time to time might be exactly what you need to keep you looking fresh and beautiful. Remember, being cute is about temperance, this goes for makeup as well. Natural shades to accentuate your lines, soft foundation and gentle earthy tones. You need to leave your red lipstick behind and use light lip gloss instead. Your nails also play an important role in the cute look, keeping them short with light or nude polish can really help the whole look come together.

In this case clothes do make a cute girl

Nothing is better for pulling off the cute look than the winter fashion style. The soft scarves, colourful hats and fluffy jacket can all serve the purpose of helping you show you inner cuteness. The most important thing is choosing the right colours. Now in order to pull off this look you need a lot of pastel shades, soft pinks, creams and blues. The material also matters, so opting for classic sheepskin boots instead of black leather ones is always a good option. Add bit of nits and you are good to go. Everything you put on needs to add to your cuteness and not distract from it. So strong colours and rough materials are not an option.


Don’t forget to accessorize


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No style or look is ever complete without the right accessories. So for your cute girl winter look you need to start with the right bag. Nothing too big or business like. A fun shaped, soft skin bag is the ideal option for complementing the look. Next are the earrings, favourite women accessories during the winter, and the best ones for pulling off the cutest girl look. A beautiful piece of jewellery peaking underneath the hat is the perfect detail to complete your look. Opt for diamonds and pearls, and try to avoid chandelier earring design since it is no what being cute is all about.


You need to remember, cuteness comes from the inside, and trying to fake it is never a good option. However, simply accentuating this part of your personality is a whole different story. Who could resist a beautiful Australian girl, with those big eyes, perfect smile and just the right amount of shyness? It will be as if you have just walked out of a romance flick.