Best Careers for Travelling the World


Are you tired of your boring office? Do you get anxiety every time you need to go to work on Monday? Well, it might be high time you changed your career and chosen something that will allow you to change your environment and see the world. Here are the best career options for people who crave a change of scenery.

Flight attendants

If you’re not afraid of heights, this career option might be perfect for you. While staff rarely has plenty of time to leave the destination airport, you can often catch a few hours on Thailand beaches or get some time to explore picturesque European cities. Plus, cabin crew get amazing travel benefits, so when you get the opportunity to take some time off work, you can travel at reduced prices.

Tour guides

This is a job that won’t make you rich and famous, but it’s a great lifestyle choice for people who want to see the world. What you need to possess for this job is great enthusiasm and patience, leadership skills and a lot of travel experience. English language skills are also very important for the job, as well as geography, history and art knowledge. However, if you have what it takes, you’ll get to explore many amazing destinations and meet friends for life.

Foreign language teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language opens doors to practically any country in the world. The pay is decent and you can often get free flights and accommodation. Also, in your free time, you’ll get to meet plenty of locals, explore your destination and soak up new languages and cultures. You need minimal gear for this job, just a comfy laptop/tote bag for your electronics and a few language teaching books. However, best jobs require you to be a native speaker and have qualifications like CELTA and TEFL certificates.

Roadie or techie

Being a roadie or a techie is not all about sex, drugs and rock and roll, but the job is pretty cool and exciting none-the-less. If you can find a job with a big artist, you can expect to visit most major cities in the world. However, expect to spend a lot of time on the road and not that much time exploring. Still, there will be some opportunities when you have free time to enjoy your destination and meet amazing new people.


As a software developer, all you need in order to do your job is a good internet connection and an outlet to plug your laptop in—everything else is just details, so you can technically do your job from thousands of different places in the world. Plus, finding well-paying software developer jobs is easier than you might think, especially if you look in all the right places. It’s a very sought-after career that will continue paying well, so you can embark on your travel adventure without any fear of the future.


Being a photographer is not the easiest way to earn a nice paycheck and your income is almost never guaranteed. However, many photographers, especially those shooting nature, animals and landscapes, get to see the world while doing what they love. Most photographers get to manage their own projects and direct their travels.

Foreign Service officer

If you love to explore the world but also feel a strong connection with your home country, why not combine your two loves and become a Foreign Service officer. Similar to diplomacy, this job includes plenty of travel while working on solving immigration, refugee and disaster aid issues. In order to apply to a job like this, you need to pass the Foreign Service Officer Test and choose a position within the department. All in all, if you’re passionate about social issues and possess good communicational skills, you’ll love your job and all the perks it offers.

Au pair

This job is most common in European countries like France and Germany, but you can find au pair work all around the globe. If you’re responsible, patient and good with kids, you can make some good money and see many foreign countries. Many host families even bring their au pair of vacations with them, so you can double your travel opportunities.

Don’t allow yourself to feel stuck then there are so many amazing career options that involve fresh places, fun adventure and new people. So, find something that fits your lifestyle and skills the best, pack your suitcases and get ready to work and travel the world!