Everything a Girl Needs for a Camping Trip

A weekend in the mountains with friends can be an awesome way to recharge, enjoy the outdoors and bond with your besties. However, if you plan to have a good time and enjoy your camping adventure you'll need to pack well and know exactly what essentials to bring. A camping trip will require special necessities that you probably wouldn't bring to your road trip, for example, so make sure you check out our camping essentials list every girl should have when gearing up for a backpacking trip.

Foods and drinks to pack

When camping, you'll most likely be preparing food on the spot, which is why you'll need plenty of portable kitchen items. Think about bringing a camping stove with fuel as well as cookware and utensils. By utensils, we mean both the ones for eating and cooking. In case you don't bring lots of water with you but you decide to use water from the nearby lake or river, be sure to pack water filtration so you are sure the water is perfectly drinkable. Bars and trail mixes will keep you full in the beginning and you can also pack freeze-dried camping meals which you can cook on the trail. A small cutting board, a soap and a towel is all you need to prepare food and make sure you keep all the germs at bay.

Bring a variety of clothes

Moisture-wicking fabrics are essential for camping. A shirt or leggings that do not absorb sweat can be worn several times allowing you to pack light. A lightweight hat and a breathable jacket are also essential pieces that'll keep you both protected from the sun and warm during breezy nights. Comfortable KORA work-wear inspired boots are a must to keep your feet comfortable and offer good support to your ankles. If you're camping by the lake, don't forget to look for quality swimwear online and get a new bathing suit for your camping adventure. Sunglasses will perfectly block the sun and make you fashionable too. Don't forget long trousers and long-sleeved pants even if you're camping in the summer, because shorts and sleeveless tops won't keep you warm during nights.

Gear up on camp necessities and navigational tools

A tent is definitely the number one must-have for a camping trip to ensure you'll sleep well and comfortably. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, blankets and travel pillows will keep you cosy during the night. Pack a pocket knife, folding chairs and a table, a mallet to secure the stakes in the ground, and a tarp or a sunshade. Whether you're camping close to your hometown or you're going a few hundred miles away, you'll need navigational tools either way. You may want to explore the wilderness, and you shouldn't risk getting lost in this modern age of technology. Therefore, be sure to pack portable GPS, maps, compasses, and chargers for all of your digital devices. A guidebook would be great as well as pens and pencils to help you write down important pit stops or places you'd like to see. Don't forget flashlights and headlamps along with extra batteries.

Make room for personal items

These may seem like an obvious must-bring, but sometimes precisely because you think of them as so common, they stay at home instead of in your backpack. Toilet papers, sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, first-aid kit, hand sanitizer and toiletry kit are some of the most important personal items you'll need no matter where you go. Be sure to pack painkillers in case someone has an accident or gets a headache, toothache or some other painful condition.

Pack entertainment too

To make the camping trip as thrilling as possible, be sure you don't forget entertainment gear. Binoculars and a camera will allow you to enjoy all the nature and capture the most exciting moments. Travel-sized board games will be a great addition, allowing you to have fun even after you're done hiking, swimming and enjoying in all the nature’s wonders. If you're into kayaking, bring life jackets, paddles and a repair kit in case you're going to enjoy this water sport.

Camping is a wonderful way to explore the wilderness while spending quality time with your friends or family. If you decide to spend a few days in nature, make sure you have the aforementioned list in mind to make the most of your trip.