Budget-Friendly Tips for Australia Travel


Australia has plenty to offer to its visitors and citizens when it comes to historical and natural sights, flora, fauna, food and entertainment. In that respect, it’s no wonder that so many people have traveling around Australia on their bucket list. But it’s also true that one of the biggest obstacles for willing travelers is the cost of such an adventure. Still, if you know where to save money, you can enjoy your Australia travel in a budget-friendly manner and still get the full experience.

1. Save money on accommodation by avoiding hotels

In general, hotels in Australia can be really pricey. That said, it would be best to opt for hostels on your journey as these are known to be a lot more affordable. What’s more, a great way to save money on accommodation is to camp as well, but keep in mind that it’s difficult to find camping areas around big cities. In that respect, you can combine camping and hostels. Furthermore, if you rent a campervan during your stay in Australia, you’ll get the means of transport and accommodation at once. This is especially cost-effective if you’re traveling in a group. But if you’re traveling solo, it’s important to compare the cost of gas and rental to traveling by bus and camping or staying at hostels to see whether it’s something you’d find more comfortable budget-wise.

2. Be your own cook

Trying out great food in Australia may be the reason for your travels but if you’re in it for the sights and the adventure, you can save a lot of money simply by making your own food. Most parks and outdoor areas in Australia have BBQs which you can use to prepare meat and veggies. Buying these fresh from the store is much cheaper compared to restaurants and even fast food stalls. Also, most hostels provide a little kitchen which you can make use of too. In the end, if you’ve decided to rent a campervan, you can bring your own outdoor grill with you. And for booze, go to Bottle-O, which is an Australian liquor store that offers beverages for a more affordable price.

3. Make the most out of Greyhound bus

Essentially, Greyhound bus is a very affordable means of transport throughout Australia. It’s a favorite among backpackers. You have to purchase a traveler pass, which usually costs around $500. With that pass, you can get on a bus as many times as you want. This particular deal is great for those who plan to visit a lot of places in the country.

4. Work while you travel

A working holiday is more than possible in Australia. If you’re worried about your finances yet you still want to experience the wonders of The Land Down Under, you can use a working holiday support program. A job search online can be very fruitful as well. In case you’re not a native English speaker, yet your English is pretty good, you can easily pass your PTE coaching course that proves your excellent English-speaking ability. This is essential for Visa applications, but for finding holiday jobs as well.

5. Start your exploration for free

Seeing certain sights and visiting some landmarks may cost you a fee, but the great thing about Australia is that many well-known and spectacular places are completely free to enter. This is especially attractive to nature lovers as you can explore the beaches and parks for free. For instance, if you find yourself in Melbourne and Brisbane, you can go to botanical gardens free of charge. In case you’re in Sydney, go to the Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains as these don’t have an entrance fee either. Furthermore, most museums and galleries in Australia are also free to enter. If you don’t know where to start, consider The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

If you want to stay comfy during long hours of sightseeing, opt for a light shirt and leggings and finish your look with some comfy and warm boots perfect for long walks.

The best thing you can do before you actually start your journey is thorough prep and planning. This is especially important for people who are traveling to Australia from other countries. With online research, you can meet other tourist backpackers and even locals who’ll provide you with useful advice and sometimes even cheap accommodation. Also, it would be easy to carefully craft an itinerary with your budget in mind. That said, you’ll be able to get the most out of your trip and explore this amazing country the way it suits you the best.