5 Style Items Every Aussie Gal Must Own




Living in Australia has its perks, from great weather to great looking men. Fashion wise Aussie girls have some of the most iconic and memorable styles. What makes their look stand out are several carefully picked items that make their outfits pop.


This article is here to present these items and teach you how to combine them, because who doesn’t want to look like a stylish, sundrenched Australian gal.

Eye-catching pair of sheepskin boots

Australian winter’s might seem mild, but you can still go to the mountains and enjoy a real winter wonderland. For those girls who want to look their best strutting down a ski resort a pair of stylish sheepskin boots is an absolute must. There is a whole selection of great colours and styles, and they can compliment any winter outfit choice. Do order a pair today if you want that true Aussie girl winter look.

A stunning swimsuit


Or ten. Common, living in a country that is actually a continent surrounded by water, it is hard to miss a beach going opportunity. But as we all know true Australian girl cannot go to the beach in just any old swimsuit, even if she is going there for purely fitness reasons, even stylish athletic swimwear is an absolute must. Depending on a fashion mood it could be a one piece or two piece, it could even be a monokini, Australian girls know just how to combine them with the right kaftans, hats and a ever present pair of stunning sunglasses.

A romantic pair of gloves

Much like the sheepskin boots, a pair of fashionable gloves is a must for Australian girls in the winter months.  Opting for a memorable purple pair or a soft yellow one are the perfect choices for elevating one’s outfit. You can get ones in sheepskin, soft and warm and just the perfect choice to complement most winter fashion combos. Just imagine, a fun snow filled day at Charlotte Pass topped off with the perfect outfit stapled together with a few sheepskin details.

A jacket to remember her by


Choosing the right jacket is not easy, they can make or break an outfit. But Aussie girls are bold, and so are their fashion choices. Brightly-coloured jacket with a bit of bling are all the craze in Australia. A yellow leather jacket? Why not, the girls are here and ready to make a statement. So, you are bound to find at least three different jackets varying in style and colour in every truly fashionable Australian girl’s closet.

The unavoidable cardigan

No Aussie girls wardrobe is complete without a soft fluffy cardigan. Strong colours contrasting with the sunbathed hair, cardigans are a must for fall and winter season. Don’t worry they are not too warm for Australian weather, by choosing light, breathable materials Australian girls have made this piece of clothing a must have fashion item. You could combine it with a stylish shirt or throw a powerful jacket over it. It is a great piece that offers itself for a whole variety of combos from casual to business and even romantic, it is all about the cut.


There you have it, five strong items every true Australian girl must have in her closet. They can serve as basis for your entire outfit or be that one pièce de résistance that will elevate the look immensely. But the items are not enough to pull off the Aussie girl look, you also need the attitude, great energy and bravery to experiment, oh and let's not forget that stunning Down Under smile no man can resist.