7 Things to Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow


Stress seems to be a completely unavoidable part of modern-day living. We spend all our time rushing around at neck-breaking speeds just so we’d get everything done, and then at the end of the day we’re exhausted, grumpy, and somehow we still haven’t finished all of the things we set out to do. Tension seems to be the norm, and we can’t even remember the last time we felt truly relaxed. But how can we change this? Well, for a better tomorrow, it’s best to start today. If you want to free yourself of stress and feel great, here are some of the ways you can prepare.

Take some time to meditate

Even if it’s only for fifteen minutes, it can still help. To make it easier, you can set up the whole atmosphere: light a candle, light some fragrant incense, grab a bunch of pillows and settle down comfortably. Focus on your breathing as you look at the flickering candle, or keep your eyes closed. You can also play atmospheric sounds of rain falling, or waves crashing at the beach, or a pen scribbling on paper. Keep breathing and let go of the worries, focus only on the pleasant scents, sounds, images. It’s okay if you can’t manage to quiet down your mind at first – you don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything but be there and enjoy the moment. It’s there only for you.


Call that person you’ve been meaning to contact

When was the last time you heard from your parents? Whether it’s your folks, an old friend or a relative that you’ve been meaning to talk to, give them a call. Staying in touch with the people we love is very important, and if you give them a call it will lift some weight off your chest. Who knows, maybe you can even make some plans to meet and then you can look forward to the meet up. 

Go on a little shopping spree

Retail therapy is so damn relaxing, especially if you’ve got some money to splurge. Grab your best friend and go find yourself a power outfit – something that will make you feel sexy and confident, something that you know will turn a few heads. Or maybe grab a lipstick in a hot new shade, or a pair of pretty earrings that make your face glow. Once you’re done shopping, prepare some of the things you bought to be worn tomorrow. You’ll be excited to wear them, and you’ll look amazing when you get dressed and start your day.

Treat your face to some beauty pampering

Why not have a tiny spa day at home, relax, put a sheet mask on? Or, even better, why not let professionals pamper you? Treat yourself by going to a good cosmetic clinic and having a nice facial done, and you’ll feel and look rested and rejuvenated. Your complexion will look radiant, you’ll feel gorgeous, and you’ll be eager to face tomorrow and show off your beauty. 

Cook a healthy meal

The thing about healthy meals is that they provide us with a lot more than just short-term sustenance. They actually make us feel good about our own choices even the day after, so getting to the kitchen and cooking something tasty and nutritional will be good both for your waistline and your mood. In fact, doing some meal prep for the days ahead could potentially save you a lot of time and ensure you have something healthy to eat instead of resorting to sugary snacks.

Do a workout

Similarly to a healthy meal, a workout is another way to feel you’ve done something good for yourself. If you work out regularly, you could do a day of more intense exercising, and if you keep telling yourself you’ll start working out soon – well, now’s the perfect time. Don’t rely on “I’ll do it tomorrow,” do things right now. You don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t need any special equipment, you don’t even need that much time. All you need is something comfy to wear, a kickass playlist with your favorite uplifting tunes, and you can easily do a short home workout with no fuss. Your muscles might ache and you’ll sweat, but the stress will evaporate and you’ll know you’ve done well that day, and that you can do even better the next day.

Have a good laugh

Laugh your heart out. Whether it’s funny cat videos on YouTube or an evening spent messing around with friends, levity is the key to happiness. We’ve become so focused on problems and chores that we forget to laugh, and this not only makes our days more difficult than they need to be, but it also makes us kind of unpleasant to be around. Watch a funny movie, play a board game with your family, or invite your best friend over so you can joke together – let laughter fill the house and remind you that life is pretty great.

Do something kind for yourself, and remember to take a step back, to pause. Live in the present moment to make the future ones better, and your tomorrows will always come easier.