5 Spring Style Tips for Men


Accidentally stylish? Sure, why not. Only, before you hit the “accidental style” on the head, maybe you should put some thought into your next outfit choice and the right men's accessories to wear. Sounds good? Good.

As the weather warms up, everything in fashion screams transitioning; all the darker, heavier clothes are getting packed away and are being replaced with brighter and lighter items. Although “fashion transitioning” doesn’t really mean the same for women and men (women take these things way more seriously), it’s always nice to see men make an effort to look good without looking way too… plain. Usually, from a man’s perspective, transitioning is putting away the winter jacket and pulling out a short-sleeved shirt. Simple.

Let’s change that. Follow the awesome tips below and look dashing this spring:

Be a soldier of street wear

Military, military, military! Can we have a standing ovation for yet another year of military-inspired gear? Thanks!

As you already know, we simply couldn’t step away from epaulets and camo for the past few seasons so we’re not even surprised military is still in. The good thing about military, though (investment-wise) is that it can be worn all year-round; so, buy one piece in the spring and wear it throughout the entire year by combining it differently. This time around, look for army-inspired outerwear pieces like loose jackets, oversized sweats, and Ts. Fashionable shoes – whether they are sneaks or sheepskin boots - work perfectly with this style. Military details in your backpack, shoes, socks, caps or else are also welcome.

Let your backpack speak for you



Long gone are the days when backpacks were the staple-pieces of every high-school outfit; these days (the last three seasons, to be precise), backpacks are fashion essentials of all the city-dwelling guys (and girls), no matter how old. For spring, invest in a backpack made from luxurious materials, embellished with stand out details, or designed like an old-school rucksack. Spending your money on a classic style backpack is pointless; you want a standout piece, don’t you?

Layer lean and stay cool

Even though the sun’s up and we can actually spot the green in the trees, we’re still kind of traumatized with the harsh, cold winter we had to deal with. Honestly, even though the winter is officially over, we can still feel the chill in the air which is a perfect excuse for us to embrace layering and give it a fashionable spin.

Reinvent your favorites from fall in terms of color, fabrics and design, and layer them up thoughtfully so they agree with a spring vibe. Jackets in lightweight nylon and cardigans in cotton are definitely something to look forward to this spring.

Channel athleisure like a boss  

men style

Give an Aussie a piece of spring and he’ll immediately head to the beach or his outdoor gym, right? Right. There’s probably no land in this word that’s as fixated on its fitness routines and rituals as much as Australia is. The obsession with fitness gear is present too, which is why gym wear in Australia can be both a stylish thing and a fitness thing. Embrace your gym wear as a style statement this spring and combine it with interesting overlays, jackets and cardigans.

Wear denim like your life depends on it

Are denim jackets still relevant? Yes, they are. Are they going anywhere this spring? No, they are not. So, say YES to the versatile aspect of denim jackets this spring and wear them as style pieces over your hoodies or neat graphic/printed shirts. If you are a 9-5 guy, wear your denim as a blazer with a crisp white/black/oxford shirt and slim non-denim trousers. Add a tie to the mix and you’ll look better than anyone at the office.